Aluminum coils

Production Technology Information

Plate materials are manufactured by rolling. Rolling is one of the processing methods, in which a pair of rolls installed in parallel is rotated to roll out an aluminum ingot called a slab into a thinner product.

Examples of Aluminum Rolling Equipment Pieces
Examples of Aluminum Rolling Equipment Pieces.jpg

Rolling Process

Aluminum rolled products are indispensable for daily life. They are used in a broad range of applications including packages, closures, cans, household utensils, roofs, building interiors and exteriors, outer packages, freezing, refrigeration, home electric appliances, aircrafts, subways, and bullet train cars. We have purchased computer-based state-of-the-art production equipment pieces for AFC (automatic flatness control), AGC (automatic board thickness control), and other advanced features. These equipment pieces allow us to comply with the customers’ needs that have increasingly become larger in volume, more diversified, and more advanced. We are making efforts for further improving the quality and precision of aluminum products and ensuring the stable supply of those products through our significantly enlarged production range and advanced production technology.

Examples of Aluminum Rolled Product